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Alright, so... This is the Doom Wad section of the the site. Here you'll find all sorts of wads I've put together over the years, ranging from maps, to weapon mods, to (of course) my own renditions of the classic Doom themes. Most of these are old works, however, so download at your own mispleasure! ;)

Remember, you'll need to be running GZDoom v3.0 or above to use these wads. There, now you can't blame me for you using the wrong port!

Villa de Rais
Villa de Rais
Released: 2001

Villa de Rais was my first map project, released in 2001. Being my first, however, the maps don't get good until late in the set. There are fifteen maps: Fourteen main maps and one secret.

Go ahead and give it a run, if you don't mind some early, noobish maps!

Released: 2003

Originally built for the Doom Wad Station wad contest for 2003, Apprehension was later added as the secret map for Villa de Rais. It's a short map, but nicely packed with enemies around every corner.

Trivial note: The end portion of the map was based on an early area in Quake II. See if you can figure out where the inspiration came from!

Castle of the Nemesis
Castle of the Nemesis
Released: 2003

Castle of the Nemesis is a map that's based off a recurring dream I've had in the past. The map is set in an old stone castle, opening up into an open courtyard with lots of room to roam. Players will have to fight through quicksand filled ruins, clamber to the top of the castle, and obliterate the Spider Mastermind once and for all.

Castle of the Nemesis was originally built for the second DWS wad contest, but the contest was cancelled.

Released: 2010

A gameplay/weapon mod with 20 weapons, 40+ monsters, and numerous features added. The mod is intended to give the game a more modern feel from the Quake series.

This mod was intended to be used in Complex 63, which never came to fruition.

Doomzone v1.8.1
Updated: April 2018

My take on modern, class based gameplay of recent FPS, without the bullshit. Thirteen player classes with their own arsenals, including a modernized Doomguy class. 82 weapons in total, five grenade types.

Check below for a patch to use this mod with Doom Gaiden!

For use with GZDoom v3.0.1.
Visit DRD Team to pick up the latest SVN build.

Alternate Download
Doom Gaiden - Insertion
Updated: January 2017

Formerly known as "Complex 63", Doom Gaiden - Insertion is a five map mini-episode for GZDoom/ZDoom. The episode contains four main and one secret map, as well as some new enemies and weapons.

Also, it's designed to be challenging, with two new difficulty levels to maximize the experience. Can you handle Necro difficulty?

Nominated for 2014 Cacoward

Zagemod v1.5.1
Updated: December 2022

It's a general enhancement mod! Yes, really. Everything from the classic game is updated with new skins, sounds, altfires, and more!

Features eight player classes!

No Image
Project: Doom
Released: 2008

That's right, the Project: Doom album can be used in-game now. Just load up the appropriate wad file for whichever game you're playing and get to shooting! ;)

Includes support for Ultimate Doom, Doom II, TNT, and Plutonia.


Mods by other folks, which Zorasoft host for them! :)

QuakeStyle ZX v8.2
Updated: October 2021

An update of the QuakeStyle mod, developed by Xterra1. Includes new graphics and weapons, and uses some features of the Doomzone mod. Ever wanted to fire a nail shotgun?

For use with GZDoom 3.6 or later. Does not require qstyle.pk3 to run.

QuakeStyle Unbound v1.3.1
Updated: May 2019

The third generation of QuakeStyle, provided by both That Blind Guy and XTerra1. Features many new weapons, classes, a weapon wheel, and more!

This mod does not require QuakeStyle or QuakeStyle ZX to run.

Hot & Bothered v2.0
Updated: February 2021

Ratchet and Clank. Doom. Two great tastes. Do they go together? OH HELL YES THEY DO! Play as everyone's favorite Lombax, and tear through the hordes of Hell in a whole new way!

Authored by That Blind Guy.

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