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Here it is, a remix project devoted entirely to the music of Duke Nukem II and Duke Nukem 3D! Well, sorta. It's still in progress, but here's the current listing of tracks.

The project currently consists of 9 tracks, many more to follow. Enjoy!

Duke Nukem II
Track Name Midi MP3
Prison Break (E1M1) Download Yes
Radar Smasher (E1M2) Download Yes
EARTHQUAKE!!! (E1M3) Download Yes
Botanic Hell (E1M4) Download Yes
Reanimation (E1M5) Download Yes
Magma Refinery (E1M6) Download Yes
Frag You Rigel!! (E1M7) Download Yes
Approaching Doom (E1M8a) Download Yes
DeathMachine (E1M8b) Download Yes

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