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Alright, so... Get to listening already! You're in the U - Z section, you should know what to do by now! Just scroll down and locate the songs by game title.

Keep in mind, some MP3s are unavailable. If you would like to see them online, please request it!


Track Name Midi MP3
Bonetrousle Download Yes
Megalovania Download Yes
Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans Download Yes
Wario Land
Track Name Midi MP3
Stove Canyon - Stage 1 Download No

Wario's Woods
Track Name Midi MP3
Round Game Download Yes

Wolfenstein 3D
Track Name Midi MP3
Get Them Before They Get You Download Yes

Zelda, The Legend of
Track Name Midi MP3
Underworld Theme Download No

Zelda II
Track Name Midi MP3
Palace (Remix) Download Yes

Zelda, The Legend of: A Link to the Past
Track Name Midi MP3
Dark World Download No
Dark World Dungeon Download Yes
Death Mountain Download No
Rain Scene Download No

Zelda, The Legend of: Link's Awakening
Track Name Midi MP3
Bottle Grotto Download Yes
Catfish's Maw Download Yes
Cavern Download Yes
Color Dungeon Download Yes
Eagle's Tower Download Yes
Face Shrine Download Yes
Key Cavern Download Yes
Overworld (Metal Remix) Download Yes
Tail Cave Download Yes

Zelda, The Legend of: Ocarina of Time
Track Name Midi MP3
Battle Download Yes
Miniboss Battle Download Yes

Zelda Series
Track Name Midi MP3
Rock the Palace (Medley) Download Yes

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