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Project: Doom was released such a long time ago... Back in the year 2008. With Doom: Gaiden - Insertion's v1.2 update, I decided it was time to go back and revisit Doom's soundtrack with an updated feel.

These tracks will be limited in number, and produced on an as-needed basis for Doom: Gaiden. In the meantime, here they are for download, for your listening leisure!

Track Name Description Midi MP3
At Doom's Gate At Doom's Gate has always been an iconic song, and I don't feel like I ever did it proper justice in Project: Doom. So this redux was a second attempt at this piece, to give it the love it needed. Download Yes
The Imp's Song For The Imp's Song (Redux), I once again revisit my childhood years to bring back a feeling of suspense for this track. With a little ass kicking toward the second half of the song for good measure.

Replaces MAP02's theme in Doom: Gaiden. Inspired by Andrew Hushult's cover.
Download Yes
Dark Halls I feel like the original 2008 release was a little bit overkill as far as metal-wise for this track. So I went back and reworked it from the ground up. Just enough metal undertones to remind you that yes, you are stupid overpowered and blowing shit up.  Download Yes
Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names) I've always wanted to flesh out the drums on this song, ever since I released Project: Doom. And now, after seven years, I finally got around to it. Woo! Download Yes
Suspense Ahh, Suspense. Doom wasn't all about killing everything that moved. With the right amount of atmosphere, you could create a truly threatening environment. This track mixes old with new, bridging the gap between Classic and Project: Doom.

Replaces MAP03's theme in Doom: Gaiden. Based on Sonic Clang's cover, and inspired by Andrew Hushult's awesome idea of mixing ambience with metal.
Download Yes
On the Hunt To be honest, I've had this stuck in my head for years now, and it feels good to finally be able to put it into form. Admittedly, one of my favorite things to do is to take a short loop of music and extend it into something much more fulfilling. So this was my attempt at doing such with this song.  Download Yes
Demons on the Prey Heavy influenced by The Orichalcon's "Phobos Modulus" and Kinkiness' E1M7 covers. Download Yes
Sign of Evil One again, I felt Project: Doom fell short of this one. This theme really needs the pitch bending I was unable to provide at the time, but rather than just update the existing track, I went and rewrote it from scratch. Heavily influenced by Sonic Clang's E1M8 theme. Download Yes
Hiding the Secrets 2008 release was a bit barebones. I decided to work this one with a definitively heavier tone. I guess years of listening to Thumpmonk's amazing cover sorta influenced this. Download Yes
Intermission From DOOM ...Come on. You knew I was going to take another crack at this one, for sure. The goal of this one was to ditch the techno junk from the 2008 version and turn it into something hard hitting. Think I succeeded. Download Yes
The End of DOOM I'll admit, I was kinda disappointed with the 2008 version. For this, I wanted to change the feel from the original. While Prince's version conveys a feeling of, "You barely survived," I wanted this piece to scream, "You just killed everything." Download Yes
I Sawed the Demons (Redux) I was curious to see what this song sounded like with a rock organ. Download Yes
Demons on the Prey (v2) The first redux fits for E1M7, but that's aobut it. This take is a more universal-fitting theme, closer to the original. Download Yes
Waltz of the Demons I'd be lying if I said this wasn't inspired by another take by someone else, but I can't remember which wad it was from. Anyway, this is me doing something similar, but trying damn hard not to rip the other guy off! ;) Download Yes
Untitled Wanted to make this one sound more lively. Inspired by Skar Productions' amazing cover. Download Yes
Running From Evil Running From Evil (Redux) revisits a special time in my childhood where Doom II was brand fragging new. Rather than simply do yet another metal cover of the song, I decide to go back to my childhood roots where it all began - This is Doom II as I heard it when I was ten years old.

This track replaces MAP01's theme in Doom: Gaiden. Heavily inspired by Nemistade's awesome cover of the song.
Download Yes
The Healer Stalks While the original is kinda upbeat, the Project: Doom cover sounds like it was ripped straight out of Super Mario. I wanted to give this piece a makeover, to give it a more decidedly eerie/sneaky feel to it. Download Yes
Countdown to Death (MAP03 Redux) After writing the MAP21 redux, I decided it didn't fit MAP03, so I wrote a second take specifically for early-game. Download Yes
Countdown to Death (MAP21 Redux) Welcome back to Hell. Or... Magmoor Caverns? Either way, watch your step. Download Yes
Intermission No comment, just wanted to do something better than the 2008 release. This was a pain in the ass, though... Download Yes
Doom 64 Main Theme Well, more like the theme to Doom 64 and PSX Doom, mixed into one song. Download Yes


Well, looks like I've done enough Doom to give it its own section of the site, huh? Not that it's a bad thing...

I'm sure you can already guess this, but Project: Doom is a remix album, devoted to the soundtrack of the Doom games. The idea fot this came from Neurological's "Hell on Earth Sound" project, which, to my knowledge, is in limbo. That, and I really wanted to give the songs a really heavy feel to them!

Anyway, the project consists of 57 tracks, all in a heavy metal/eletctric style. It covers everything except the title themes... That's a lot of work!

Enjoy! And remember, you can download the full album for use with ZDoom in the Doom section of the site (midi versions only).

Now available are some bonus tracks from an "Ultimate DooMix" subsection of Project: Doom, as well as some PSX Doom covers. Check 'em out!

Track Name Midi MP3
At Doom's Gate Download Yes
The Imp's Song Download Yes
Dark Halls Download Yes
Kitchen Ace (and Taking Names) Download Yes
Suspense Download Yes
On the Hunt Download Yes
Demons on the Prey Download Yes
Sign of Evil Download Yes
Hiding the Secrets Download Yes
I Sawed the Demons Download Yes
The Demons From Adrian's Pen Download Yes
Intermission From DOOM Download Yes
They're Going To Get You Download Yes
Sinister Download Yes
Waltz of the Demons Download Yes
Nobody Told Me About id Download Yes
Untitled Download Yes
Donna to the Rescue Download Yes
Deep Into the Code Download Yes
Facing the Spider Download Yes
Victory Theme Download Yes
Sweet Little Dead Bunny Download Yes

Doom II
Track Name Midi MP3
Running From Evil Download Yes
The Healer Stalks Download Yes
Countdown to Death Download Yes
Between Levels Download Yes
DOOM Download Yes
In the Dark Download Yes
Shawn's Got the Shotgun Download Yes
The Dave D. Taylor Blues Download Yes
Into Sandy's City Download Yes
The Demon's Dead Download Yes
Waiting For Romero to Play Download Yes
Message From the Archvile Download Yes
Bye Bye American Pie Download Yes
Adrian's Asleep Download Yes
Getting Too Tense Download Yes
Opening to Hell Download Yes
Evil Incarnate Download Yes
The Ultimate Challenge Download Yes
Intermission Theme Download Yes
Endgame Download Yes

Final Doom
Track Name Midi MP3
System Control Download Yes
Human Barbecue Download Yes
Wormhole Download Yes
Hanger Download Yes
Open Season Download Yes
Prison Download Yes
Metal Download Yes
Redemption Download Yes
Storage Facility Download Yes
Steel Works Download Yes
Deepest Reaches Download Yes
Central Processing Download Yes
Habitat Download Yes
Pharoah Download Yes
Endgame Download Yes

Ultimate DooMix (Bonus Tracks)
Track Name Midi MP3
Deep Into the Code (E1M1 Remix) Download Yes
Shawn's Got the Shotgun (E1M4 Remix) Download Yes
Getting Too Tense (E2M2 Remix) Download Yes
At Doom's Gate (MAP09 Remix) Download Yes
Donna to the Rescue (MAP08 Remix) Download Yes
The Imp's Song (MAP05 Remix) Download Yes

PSX Doom Covers (More Bonus Tracks)
Track Name Midi MP3
Stats Screen Download Yes
The Hangar Download Yes

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