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Update: 02/02/16

I dun goofed. Went and released four additions to Project: Doom Redux on YouTube, but embarassingly, forgot to upload the updated page here. The page has now been updated with redux pieces covering At Doom's Gate, The Healer Stalks, Demons on the Prey, and Sign of Evil. They should have been uploaded months ago...

My bad. Head over to the Project: Doom page to pick them up.

Update: 01/10/16

Doomzone has been updated to v1.4.7! This update simply adds the ability to use your knife as a melee for one-handed weapons (pistols), for characters that have a knife melee weapon (excludes UAC Elite and Slipgater). Also, some code was added that the KDiZD patch needs to function correctly.

Additionally, the Knee-Deep in ZDoom patch has been updated, bringing some included monsters up to spec with Doomzone's formatting, as well as adding GLDEFS for the BruiderDemon.

Update: 01/07/16

New year, new content. I honestly don't understand the fascination of New Years, but whatever. New stuff to download!

Three new patches have been released for Doomzone compatibility. Head to the Doom Wads section to download compatibility patches for Valiant, ZPack, and Knee-Deep in ZDoom. That last one requires some modification of Knee-Deep in ZDoom itself, but don't worry, there are instructions included in the ZIP file. All you need is a text editor and WinRAR. Doomzone has been updated to v1.4.6a as well, featuring bug fixes to be run with the ZPack patch.

Do you wanna have a bad time? If you do, three new songs have been added to the MIDI section, featuring tunes from Undertale.

That's all this update, see you next time.

Update: 10/06/15

Music update! Today we've got some new redux pieces from Doom and Doom II, available in the Project: Doom section. There's also a cover from Ninja Gaiden 2, Sonic Clang (the artist), and a cover from Quake in the Midi section. Check 'em out!

Doomzone has also been updated to v1.4.6. This version includes the universal ammo replacing large ammo pickups in UV difficulties and above, some new sprites from CaptainJ, and a bug fix to the Arc Rifle. Since I added melee cancel, the Arc Rifle had a hard time trigger reloading. This should fix that issue. Grab it from the Doom Wads section.

Update: 09/14/15

Doomzone has been updated to v1.4.5. While a minor update, the new version does add some functionality to all weapons.

  • UAC4A2 Plasma Rifle now uses blue plasma. Plasma ZSec projectiles follow this theme.
  • A new enemy type has been included for Hardcore and Necro, the Shadow. May be encountered on Imp spawns.
  • All weapons now have reload canceling. If you're in a bind, being attacked by enemies while you're reloading, press the Melee key for a quick melee attack.
  • StA-5X Arc Cannon now allows you to melee while the weapon is venting.
  • VC5 Arc Rifle can now use trigger reload cancel. You can either melee cancel, or pull the trigger to immediately stop recharging.
  • Hey, Not Too Rough and Hurt Me Plenty now spawn universal ammo pickups. These pickups will fill ammo pools of like weapons, such as the StA-52 and M82 assault rifles with one pickup. Ultra-Violence and higher difficulties not affected.
  • Fixed an issue with randomized spawners not allowing enemies to move when spawned.
  • Fixed an issue with barrels not triggering scripts assigned to them when destroyed. (See: Destroying barrels to access the green key in KDiZD's Z1M3)
  • Cacodemon Hardcore alternate attack nerfed. Now fires three lightning shots in an even spread instead of six lightning shots in random spread.

Head over to the Doom Wads section to pick up the update. Special thanks to Teh Nems for testing the new update extensively!

On a side note, as I'm sure you may have noticed over the last few days, a donation button has been added to Zorasoft. If you enjoy the content provided here and want to see more in the future, or if you want to show some support, feel free to hit that donate button. Anything is appreciated. And hey, you don't have to if you don't want to, either.

See you next update!

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