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Update: 06/17/16

Doomzone v1.5 is out! This new version has a lot of new changes in store, so take a look at the release notes below.

-- General Changes --
  • StA-3 Minigun has been upgraded, and is now an Exotic class weapon. Renamed to StA-62 Minigun.
  • Colonel, Heavy and UAC Elite can now acquire the new StA-62 Minigun.
  • UAC Elite no longer carries M82 assault rifle.
  • M327 MGL and Q-97 Railgun added to UAC Elite's arsenal.
  • All classes can now use the UAC22 Combat Chainsaw.
  • UAC22 Combat Chainsaw firing animation increased in speed without affecting actual attack speed.
  • Slipgater skin changed to one resembling the Quake marine. (Credit: zrrion the insect)
  • Heavy now uses Slipgater's old skin, with a translation to make his skin darker. (Reference to Rico Velasquez, Killzone series)
  • M224-A3 HSW sprites changed (finally) to something not shitty. (Credit: CaptainJ)
  • M224-A3 HSW now spawns in the field. Picking one up also nets you one AT Rocket.
  • M194 Frag Grenade sprites changed. (Credit: CaptainJ)
  • UAC4-A2 Plasma Pulse Rifle renamed to UAC S3 Plasma Rifle.
  • Removed Railgun Zombie.
  • UAC S3 Plasma Rifle has new sprites. (Credit: Eriance)
  • UAC14 Super Shotgun now has a single barrel fire mode.
  • UAC14 Super Shotgun can now fire a single shell in double fire mode, if there is only one shell in the weapon.
  • StA-11 and StA-11SE have both received new view sprites. (Credit: CaptainJ)
  • Q-28 Perforator muzzle flash and firing animation improved.
  • Slipgater grenade type switched to StA-G2 Pyro Grenades.
  • UAC S3 Plasma Rifle uses its original reload sound.
  • UAC7 Rocket Launcher uses its original reload sound.
  • Archvile now has 50% resistance to fire attacks.
  • Diabloist Neophyte now has 50% resistance to fire attacks.
  • Pain Elemental now gibs when killed with a fire weapon.
  • Suicide Bomber's bomb explodes when killed with a fire weapon, and plays the flaming death animation.
  • VC5 Arc Rifle and Q-96 Thunderbolt range limited to 600 units.
  • All weapons now play a sound when deselecting.
  • Lights on the dark matter core ammo pickups now more closely resemble the lights on the Q-105 Dark Matter Gun.
  • Exotic spawn logic reworked due to UAC Elite and Slipgater being overrepresented in its code.
  • UAC14 Super Shotgun is now allowed to spawn on Rocket Launcher and SSG spawn spots, not just plasma rifle and BFG spots.
  • Commando modified to weild and drop the UAC Mk.2 Chaingun.
  • Ammosphere screen blend changed to orange.
  • Removed Invisorb.
  • LS13 Shotgun reload animation has two additional animation frames. Reload speed slightly increased.
  • UAC11 Scattergun reload speed increased.
-- Additions --
  • New weapon: StA-3 Stova LMG. Functionally identical to old minigun, replaces said weapon. (Credit: zrrion the insect)
  • New weapon: UAC Mk.2 Chaingun. It's, uh... It's the Chaingun, now featuring .30 ammunition. Available for UAC Elite. (Credit: LordSmash)
  • New weapon: MG-88 Enforcer SMG. Unique starting weapon for UAC Elite. (Credit: Eriance)
  • New weapon: UAC S4 Hyperblaster. Ripped straight from a Strogg's cold, dead hands. For Slipgater. (Credit: Eriance)
  • New weapon: ARM 97 Laser Cannon. Like a UAC S4 Hyperblaster, except super spammy. For Slipgater. (Credit: CaptainJ)
  • New weapon: ARM 27 Prox Launcher. Sticks to walls 'n floors 'n stuff. For Slipgater. (Credit: Eriance)
  • New weapon: ARM 17 MultiRocket Launcher. It's like quad damage, in rocket launcher form. For Slipgater. (Credit: Eriance)
  • New weapon: Lava Nailgun. Like the Q-24 Nailgun, but does 50% additional damage and pierces armor. For Slipgater. (Credit: Eriance)
  • New weapon: Lava Perforator. See above. For Slipgater. (Credit: Eriance)
  • New weapon: UAC16X Gauss Cannon. It's a railgun, on steroids. For UAC Elite. (Credit: CaptainJ)
  • New enemy: Enforcer Marine. A marine in ash-gray armor weilding the MG-88 Enforcer SMG. Its long bursts of fire suppress targets, if not splatter them. (Credit: CPLTaggart)
  • New enemy: Stova Z-Sec. This Z-Sec's khaki helmet won't help him hide in the UAC facilities, but that machine gun's fire rate will make you wish YOU had camouflage.
  • New powerup: Haste Sphere. Increases movement speed by 30% for 30 seconds. (Credit: scalliano)
-- Bug Fixes --
  • Plasma Z-Secs now correctly face the player between shots.
  • Hand grenade ammo can no longer be crushed under ceilings.
  • UAC11 Scattergun's muzzle flash now correctly shows when using attached flashlight.
  • Deselecting the Q-97 Railgun while scoped now correctly removes the fire mode indicator from the HUD.
  • Picking up ammo with the StA-5X Arc Cannon while empty now illuminates the particle tube.
  • Suicide Bombers no longer vanish when killed with the Thunderbolt's alt fire or Arc Cannon shots.
  • "give ammo" console cheat now works properly (Complete overhaul of how inventory markers are handled).
  • M224-A3 no longer ejects a bullet casing when firing a rocket.

On top of all this, XTerra also brings us a new version of QuakeStyle ZX. Here's the changelog for the project.

-- General Changes --
  • Quad Damage now no longer looks like shit, uses a teal blue color.
  • Blursphere now acts like Strife's shadow armor- use one and you're partially invisible. Two? Near-total invisibility.
  • More new quit messages- there are 44 total now
  • The non-code text files (qstylezx.txt and readme.txt) have been updated
  • Difficulty settings further tweaked
  • Custom startup title added- "QuakeStyle ZX" in red text on a blue background.
  • Strong armor spawner now doesn't spawn power armor as often
  • Power armor, when it spawns, also spawns a single field medikit, guaranteed
  • Power armor buffed- it now cuts all incoming damage by 80%, matching red armor
  • Most powerups' screen tints altered to not be so hazy
  • Blursphere now carries a very slight gray tint
  • All armor spawns bar power armor now carry a chance to drop an armor repair kit. Better armor = better chance.
  • Supply barrels now don't drop field medikits and armor kits as often
  • Red armor carries an outside chance to spawn a field medikit if it spawns an armor kit
-- Weapon Changes --
  • Quad Shotgun rate of fire increased.
  • BFG9000 damage increased.
  • Railgun rate of fire increased.
  • Shotgun spread tightened.
  • Auto shotgun rate of fire and damage increased, spread tightened.
  • MRL rate of fire and damage increased, spread tightened, and projectile speed lowered.
  • Machinegun accuracy and damage increased.
  • Burst pistol rate of fire increased, damage decreased.
  • All weapons now have the "Smooth" bob style
  • Phalanx damage decreased and AOE reduced.
  • Destructor damage decreased and AOE reduced, ammo usage upped to 15 per shot.
  • Assault rifle damage and accuracy reduced.
  • Super nailgun spread increased, projecile speed decreased.
  • Nailguns now have slower projectiles.
  • Perforator accuracy decreased.
  • HAMR damage decreased.
  • BFG10K rate of fire decreased.
-- Enemy Changes --
  • All enemies with bullet, shell, rifle-round and nail-firing weapons shed casings (Spiderdemon guns shed rifle casings)
  • Heavy Nailborg added: cyber-zombie w/ perforator. Spawns in place of revenants
  • Certain newer zombies now have a chance to drop ammo as well as their weapon
  • Spectre blood and gibs now translucent
  • Hell Warrior: now crushes with correct brown gibs
  • Baron and Cybaron: now crush with red gibs
  • Cybaron: no longer gibs like a normal baron
  • Deathnaught: now has black blood, but doesn't spawn any gibs if xdeath'd anymore
  • Z-SEC: slight decrease in delay between bursts
  • HAMR guy: moved to revenant spawner and given a bit more health
  • Mauler demon: sped up and now uses pallette-swapped sprites and can now gib- also, it uses DZ's demon lunge behavior now
  • Super Nailgun guy: longer delay between shots and now shoots only eight nails
  • BFG guy: shots now do less direct damage
  • Spectre: now slightly more visible
  • Plasma rifle guy: now does less damage
  • Big boss spawners now bias towards their normal enemies

That's it for this update! You can grab both updates from the Doom Wads section.

Update: 05/10/16

XTerra brings us a new update to QuakeStyle ZX, today, and it's a pretty large one! Lots of changes in store, take a look below at the changelog.

  • Multiple Rocket Launcher added (Slot 0).
  • Quad Shotgun added (Slot 5).
  • Weapon slots reorganized as follows:
    • Slot 1: Melee
    • Slot 2: Pistols
    • Slot 3: Longarms (Shotguns, Rifles)
    • Slot 4: Light Automatics
    • Slot 5: Super Shotguns
    • Slot 6: Heavy Automatics
    • Slot 7: Explosives
    • Slot 8: Exotics (Energy)
    • Slot 9: Super Weapons
    • Slot 0: Hyper Weapons
  • Some Shotguns have been rebalanced.
    • Pump action shotgun speed increased, spread tightened, and damage decreased.
    • Auto Shotgun spread tightened and damage increased.
    • Super Shotgun speed decreased, spread widened
  • Machine Gun accuracy increased.
  • Armor spawners now slightly less likely to spawn their best armors.
  • Some enemy spawners have been reworked.
  • Super Shotgun's code optimized and sprites changed.
  • Super Nailgun has a new firing sound.
  • Railgun and Phalanx sprites changed.
  • Auto Shotgun's firing animation has been improved.
  • Difficulty settings rebalanced.
  • Glowing flats have been ported over from Doomzone.
  • Single grenade pickups have a new sound pickup sound.
  • Wolfenstein SS has a new spawner.
  • Fixed DoomImp spawner.
  • HUD HP and Armor values now interpolate.
  • BFG10K now fires its tracers upon weapon fire and projectile detonation.
  • The SSG, Shotgun, and BFG spawners have been reworked.
  • Z-Secs no longer use underslung shotguns and grenade launchers, but have received a modest HP boost.
  • Shotgun zombie spread overhauled.
  • Rifle slightly nerfed.
  • Homing Imp fireballs nerfed.

Also of newsworthiness, the Doom Gaiden patch for Doomzone has been updated to fix some ammo problems.

That's all for this update. Head over to the Doom Wads section to pick up the new stuff!

Update: 04/12/16

Doomzone has been updated to v1.4.8! A lot of new changes are in store for you, details below:

  • Kill chirps have been added for Deathmatch and Co-Op modes. Killing an enemy player will reward you with an audible chirp, while killing an ally or yourself will punish you with a buzzer.
  • Flashlights have been attached to select weapons. Press the Zoom Scope key [Z] to toggle on/off. Be warned, though - your spotlight may alert nearby enemies!
    Affected weapons:
    • Assault Rifle
    • LAR
    • Pistol
    • Machine Pistol
    • SMG
    • PDW
    • Shotgun
    • Scattergun
    • Shredder SG
    • Inferno SG
    • LMG
    • Nailgun
  • Hardcore difficulty nerfed - Player now takes 100% damage from all sources instead of 125%.
  • Numerous GLDEFS fixes for monsters.
  • WASP has been added to Mercenary's loadout (Slot 0).
  • Suicide bomber added for Hardcore and Necro (Zombieman spawn). These adorable little guys will run straight for you, screaming with bomb in hand, and blow themselves up when they get close enough.
  • Catharsi added for Hardcore and Necro (Imp spawn). An imp with a rapid-fire fireball launcher, and every one of those balls hits like an Imp fireball.
  • Arc Rifle and Thunderbolt particle duration lessened.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Demolition to pick up sniper ammo boxes for no reason.
  • Weapon sound handling has been changed to no longer permit the dryfire sound to cancel out the fire sound.
  • Cybruiser added for Necro (Baron spawn). Like a Cyber Baron, but a lot more aggressive, and with a higher HP pool.
  • Afrit added for Necro (Hell Knight spawn). A flying Baron with command over hellfire.
  • Hell Knight spawn reworked for Necro. Now spawns Afrit and Pyro Demon instead of Hell Warriors.
  • Added Diabloist to Necro (Archvile replacement). A super aggressive Archvile with complete mastery of fire magic.
  • Revenant grenade damage nerfed for Hardcore.
  • Arachnophyte now has a secondary attack, spreadfire rockets. I wouldn't get too close to that cannon, if I were you.
  • Arachnophyte now has a chance to not trigger refire, even while its target is in sight. Otherwise, this happens:
  • Annihilator has a new color translation.
  • Fixed a bug with Shadows that made them look like Maggots for a few frames while strafing in Necro.

A few of the patches have also been updated to accomodate the new monsters. So if you've got your hands on the patches for ZPack, Knee-Deep in ZDoom, and Valiant, you'll need to grab the updates if you want to use Doomzone's new features with them.

A new patch has been released to run Doomzone with UAC Ultra. Nice little map pack, if I say so myself. Give it a run, if you enjoyed Darkening 2.

Oh, and I almost forgot! XTerra released a new version of QuakeStyle ZX, so be sure to grab it from the Doom Wads section as well.

See you next update! Happy fragging!

Update: 02/02/16

I dun goofed. Went and released four additions to Project: Doom Redux on YouTube, but embarassingly, forgot to upload the updated page here. The page has now been updated with redux pieces covering At Doom's Gate, The Healer Stalks, Demons on the Prey, and Sign of Evil. They should have been uploaded months ago...

My bad. Head over to the Project: Doom page to pick them up.

Update: 01/10/16

Doomzone has been updated to v1.4.7! This update simply adds the ability to use your knife as a melee for one-handed weapons (pistols), for characters that have a knife melee weapon (excludes UAC Elite and Slipgater). Also, some code was added that the KDiZD patch needs to function correctly.

Additionally, the Knee-Deep in ZDoom patch has been updated, bringing some included monsters up to spec with Doomzone's formatting, as well as adding GLDEFS for the BruiderDemon.

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