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News: 01/12/20

Zagemod has been updated to v1.4! Adds brightmaps for IWADs and new fades for animated flats. Oh, and also bug fixes, as usual. Because nobody's perfect.

News: 10/16/19

Zagemod has been updated to v1.3.6! Lots of bug fixes and optimization in this release.

News: 09/18/19

ThatBlindGuy has released Hot & Bothered v1.1.3! Lots of new sprites and sounds in this release, plus weapon alterations. Doom Wads section.

News: 08/31/19

XTerra has released QuakeStyle ZX v7.3! New update requires GZDoom v3.6 or later. You know where to grab it.

News: 08/26/19

Hot & Bothered v1.1.2 has landed! Grab the update from the Doom Wads section.

News: 08/12/19

Zagemod v1.3.5 has been released! This update fixes lots of bugs from the previous release, and heavily optimizes the gore code. Grab it from the Doom Wads section.

News: 07/17/19

MUSIC UPDATE!!!!11!1!112eleven!12

Sorry, hyperventilated for a second. Anyway. Six new songs for F-Zero X, EIGHT new songs for Project: Redux.

F-Zero X
  • Fall Down to the Scream (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED!)
  • Drivin' Through on Max (Redux)
  • Endless Challenge (Redux)
  • Crazy Call at Cry (v1.1)
  • Decide in the Eyes (Redux)
  • Climb Up! And Get The Last Chance
Project: Redux
  • Waltz of the Demons
  • Demons on the Prey (E2 version)
  • Untitled
  • Doom 64 Main Theme
  • I Sawed the Demons
  • Countdown to Death (MAP03 version)
  • Countdown to Death (MAP21 version)
  • Doom II Intermission

News: 06/28/19

Zagemod has been updated to v1.3.4! Lots of new options have become available, like forcing vanilla damage, enemy skins, and more! Also includes two new weapons: the Breach Shotgun and Accelerator Rifle!

News: 06/20/19

That Blind Guy has released a hotfix for Hot And Bothered, bringing its version up to v1.1.1. This release fixes a number of bugs reported by users. Grab the update if you've been having issues with the mod, chances are your problem is fixed.

News: 06/08/19

QuakeStyle ZX is updated to v7.2, and Hot & Bothered is updated to v1.1! Check out the changelogs below.

News: 05/22/19

Zagemod v1.3.3 is now live! Features three new weapons, two new compatibility patches, compatibility with Blue_Shadow's NC HUD, and more! Check out the changelog below.

Zagemod v1.3.3 Changelog

News: 05/13/19

If you're reading this update, it means I've moved web hosts, and the domain transfer was successful. Jack up my hosting rate by almost 300%? I don't think so.

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