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News: 10/27/17

XTerra1 and TBG have released updates for QuakeStyle ZX and QuakeStyle Unbound, respectively! You can check out the changelogs for both mods here and here. Grab 'em from the Doom Wads section.

News: 09/12/17

I've got a real treat for you all today! XTerra1 has not only updated QuakeStyle ZX, has also teamed up with That Blind Guy to create the third generation of the QuakeStyle lineage, QuakeStyle Unbound! Unbound adds many, many new weapons and enemies, a class based player system, weapon wheel, and a brand new HUD. If you enjoyed the past two generations of QuakeStyle, you DEFINITELY should check out QuakeStyle Unbound. You'll find both updates in the Doom Wads section.

Changelog for QuakeStyle ZX follows.

  • *New weapon: the napalm launcher. Slot 7. Uses one rocket to shoot a big-ass fireball which explodes and drops flames. The fireball has an arc, and the launcher fires very slowly. Sprites edited from the UTnT PyroCannon by Eriance.
  • *New weapon: the sniper rifle. Slot 5. The super shotgun to the rifle's shotgun, a powerful-but-slow, overpenetrating rifle that fires three rifle rounds with one shot. Basically, it's an older version of the DZ sniper stripped down....but the scope is broken and unusable. Hey, intact sniper scopes aren't easy to come by in a hellscape. Those things aren't always the most durable!
  • *New weapon: the Gauss Cannon. Slot 9. The railgun's bigger brother, firing five slugs at a time with an explosive punch. Very powerful, but very slow to use. Bye bye, Arch-viles...
  • *New weapon: the Disintegrator. Slot 8. Basically, this thing's a dark matter-powered shotgun that spews explosive white energy balls. The only weapon that's guaranteed to gib whatever it kills, true to its name. Don't use on Unmaker guys if you want their weapon.
  • *Slug-firing weapons now shed casings, adapted from Project MSX. Same goes for enemies using slug-based weapons. Slug item and HUD sprites modded to match.
  • +Knife: damage buff, but slight speed decrease
  • +Silencer pistol: slight buff
  • +Certain enemies have gotten a little beefing up-- maggots are slightly faster, vulgars scratch harder and arachnorbs are nastier in attack power and durability.
  • +Laser pistol: increased fire rate
  • /The Forgotten One now truly has its homing ram ability back after all this time-- I couldn't figure out how to get it working properly!
  • /Multiple tweaks to supply barrel drops. They now properly drop health and armor bonuses, and now the laser pistol and haste sphere are added into the drop list. All possible small ammo types now have an equal chance of dropping now.
  • /Some weapons' sprite alignments have been fixed.
  • /Bugfixes to the plasma beam and laser weapons. An errant null value on those caused the particle trails not to spawn on GZDoom v2.4.x on up.
  • /Railgun's got new sprites, the same as DoomZone's, by OSJClatchford.
  • /All lasers and the plasma beam have fullbright trails, whereas the railgun and Gauss Cannon don't.
  • //Railgunner and arachnotron mkII (the one with the railgun) now have dynamic light trails too.
  • //Thunderbolt is now properly affected by DualFire damage, firing four damaging tracers per cycle for two ammo, as opposed to two-for-one for normal fire.
  • /Arachnotron mkIIs and Cybarons have a chance of dropping slugs.
  • /There are now over one hundred unique quit messages, including tips.
  • /Yet more lighting fixes. I swear, I keep missing this shit...
  • /The Cybaron no longer shoots rockets-- he now shoots Phalanx balls instead, complete with slug casings. He'll even drop slugs when you gank him.
  • -The Wraith now has a slight delay in attacking after rematerializing, in order to bring him more in line with his D3 counterpart. To achieve this, his code was completely rewritten by my buddy TBG.
  • --HAMR guy seriously nerfed. He was fucking murderous, and WAY too accurate with his gun. I fixed that little problem.
  • -Blaster spread very slightly increased.
  • -Revenant now can fire non-homing missiles as well as homers. They are told apart by homers beeping and having a thick smoke trail.
  • /// The difficulties have been rebalanced. They are described in detail ingame. "I Am a Wimp" is gone, replaced by a new "hard with a twist" mode called "Serious Mode". Nightmare spawns, but HNTR rules.
  • ///The HUD has been reworked to include color-coded ammo displays flanking the rest of the HUD. The color scheme mostly matches Quake's.
  • The weapon slots are redefined as follows:
    • Slot 1: melee (fists/knife/axe/chainsaw)
    • Slot 2: handguns (pistol/silencer pistol/nail pistol/laser pistol/blaster)
    • Slot 3: light longarms (rifle/shotgun/auto shotgun)
    • Slot 4: light automatics (MG/AR/hyperblaster/nailgun)
    • Slot 5: heavy longarms (super nailgun/super shotgun/sniper rifle/quad shotgun)
    • Slot 6: heavy automatics (chaingun/HAMR/laser cannon/Perforator)
    • Slot 7: explosives (prox/napalm/GL/RL)
    • Slot 8: exotics (plasma rifle/IonRipper/Disintegrator/railgun/Phalanx/Thunderbolt)
    • Slot 9: superweapons (MGL/BFG2704/BFG9000/Plasma Beam/Gauss Cannon/Destructor)
    • Slot 0: hyperweapons (Unmaker/MRL/DMC/BFG10K)

News: 08/16/17

Doomzone v1.7 is out! New active skills have been added to the mix. Take a look at the changelog to see what's new.

-- General Changes --
  • Switched up some sounds for the M66.
  • Changed complete sound set for LS57.
  • Updated reload sound for Riot Shotgun.
  • Changed reload sound set for M224-A1/A2.
  • Adjusted M224-A1/A2 recoil frames.
  • Default player soundset has been assigned to UAC Elite.
  • Updated key placement on HUD.
  • Lava Nailgun no longer spawns on Rocket Launcher spots.
  • Interpolated Axe frames.
  • Pointman now starts with the LS57-P.
  • Demolition now starts with the StA-18SE Pistol.
  • Support now starts with the M82SE.
  • Support's weapon loadout has shuffled a bit. M82SE/LAR have shifted to slot 4, LS57 has shifted to slot 5, and UAC11 has shifted to slot 6.
  • Support's StA-52 now comes equipped with the EGLM.
  • Extended homing missile in-flight sound.
  • Changed Berserk pickup sound.
-- Additions --
  • New generic sound set for Gunner, Tactician, Marksman, and Recon.
  • New tough sound set for Mercenary, Pointman, and Heavy.
  • New lady sound set for Support.
  • New tough chick sound set for Demolition.
  • New custom sound set for Colonel.
  • New Quake sound set for Slipgater.
  • New Shadow Warrior sound set for Samurai.
  • New mute sound set for Pointman.
  • New skin for Support, Tactician, Demolition, and Marksman.
  • New mod feature: Active Skills! Default key is Mouse3.
  • New active skill: Medikit (Support). Tosses a medikit for yourself and allies to use. Cooldown: 30 secs
  • New active skill: Turret (Gunner). Sets up an automatic sentry turret to attack enemies. Explodes after 3 minutes. Cooldown: 60 secs (Sprites: SgtMarkIV)
  • New active skill: Spawn Grenade (Tactician). Tosses a smoke grenade that summons allied marines. Vanishes after 60 seconds. Cooldown: 120 secs (Sprites: Skulltag Team, Captain J)
  • New active skill: Disguise (Demolition). Disguise yourself as a zombie to confuse and disorient enemies. Disguise wears off after 60 seconds, or if you take damage. Cooldown: 120 secs after activation.
  • New active skill: Ghost (Colonel). Activates a ghost cloak that both makes the player invisible and allows projectiles to fly through. Cloak wears off after 30 seconds. Cooldown: 120 secs after activation.
  • New active skill: Boost (Heavy). Increases movement speed by 130% and regenerates 5 HP every second for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds.
  • New active skill: Carapace (Mercenary). Activates a hex shield that protects from hitscan and projectile attacks from the front. Shield lowers when you fire. Wears off after 30 seconds. Cooldown: 120 secs after activation.
  • New active skill: Drone (Recon). Throws a beacon that summons a sentry drone to attack enemies. Cooldown: 120 seconds.
  • New active skill: Reflex Time (Pointman). Slows down the surrounding world for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 40 seconds after activation.
  • New active skill: Cloak (Marksman). Temporarily cloaks the user in light-bending energy. Moving while not crouched causes the cloak to reveal your presence. Cooldown: 90 seconds after activation.
  • Added some additional pain and death states to all player classes.
  • New friendly marines, having a rare chance of spawning on dead player spots.
  • Added additional player corpses.
  • Added vocal sound clips to Nobitsura Kage's shockwave attack.
-- Bug Fixes --
  • Fixed new particles and their generators splashing on liquid flats.
  • Fixed some weapons being able to switch mid-reload sequence.
  • Correctly applied Heavy's translation to his sprites.
  • Tech column now correctly plays its pain sound, and no longer interferes with its idle loop.
  • Fixed issue that prevented some passive skills from activating in multiplayer.
  • Assault rifle zombie now correctly aims at players during their double tap bursts.
  • Nailgun/Boltgun projectiles now properly inherit from FastProjectile.
  • (Hopefully) fixed blood floating in midair when colliding with fast moving platforms.
  • Fixed fists' animation when using hand grenades.
  • Fixed casing spawners interacting with terrain.
  • Fixed issue with the Spoor switching to the wrong fire mode when pulling the trigger too quickly after a failed charge.
  • Heavy's max HP has been reduced to 100, pending a fix for a vexing bug.
  • Fixed issue of STEP# textures drawing invalid data from footstep sounds.

News: 06/05/17

Doomzone v1.6.2 is live! Lots more bug fixes, check out the changelog.

-- General Changes --
  • Nerfed Baron of Hell's Hardcore spread attack. Projectiles: 5 > 3
  • Adjusted pitch of Arc Rifle's steam particles.
  • Adjusted Arc Rifle's reload frames.
  • Replaced Unmaker pickup sprite.
  • Nerfed Afrit's hellfire attack. Dmg: 3 > 1
  • Changed projectile sprites for Arc Cannon (red mod), XBFG10k, and Thunderbolt.
  • Pain Elementals bite if you stand too close.
  • Disabled low health heartbeat in multiplayer for consistency.
  • Marked special effects actors as clientside only.
  • Removed dummy keycards/skullkeys.
  • Greatly reduced the amount of script calls required for input detection.
  • Nobitsura Kage's airslash can now be used at critical HP. Just don't kill yourself with it.
  • Removed CustomInventory actors used for keys.
-- Additions --
  • Spawn handling for R667's Plasma Zombie.
  • Steam particle effects for the Penetrator.
  • Spawn handling for Railgun and Unmaker weapons in user-created mods (they appear to be popular to use).
  • Added speciation to keycards/skullkeys.
-- Bug Fixes --
  • Fixed reload handling for the Onibi Flamethrower in Napalm mode.
  • Fixed dynamic lights for Vollmer sergeant.
  • Andra zombie now reloads after every 15 shots, instead of every shot.
  • Disabled screen fades in multiplayer due to vexing scripting issues.
  • Fixed Arc Rifle and Thunderbolt continuously emitting light after player dies.
  • Explosive projectiles no longer cut their detonation sound abruptly.
  • Nails and crossbow bolts no longer continue to play their flight sound when striking targets.
  • Amped Arc Cannon mini-projectile uses the correct trail.
  • Improved Chaingun responsiveness for reloading and melee.
  • Fixed HUD overlay issue with Railgun, when pressing Melee key while scoped.
  • Fixed Particle Rifle not wanting to reload while scoped. Bad gun. Bad.
  • Fixed LS57-P not properly switching fire modes.
  • Fixed Onibi, Yari, and Guardian not playing their melee sound while pressing Melee during a reload.
  • Fixed Chaingun, Yari, and Guardian not terminating their reload sound when pressing Melee.

News: 05/24/17

Doomzone v1.6.1 is out! This version fixes a few bugs introduced in the last update.

-- General Changes --
  • Arc Cannon's charge up sound has been reverted.
  • Gauss Cannon has a unique charge up sound.
  • Weapon, powerup, and barrel spawners now pass their TID to the actor spawned.
  • Reworked the low HP screen fade so that it doesn't override ZDoom SetFades in user maps (as often).
  • Players now have their HP set at 50 on the next level, if finishing a map with lower than that amount.
  • Replaced Chaingunner's aim frame with something a little better put together.
-- Additions --
  • Terrain support for Consolation Prize: Doom 64 Retribution.
  • Visible steam venting for Arc Cannon.
  • Visible steam venting for Arc Rifle.
  • Visible exhaust for Chainsaw.
-- Bug Fixes --
  • M224-A3 now ejects casings properly.
  • Fixed translucency for Gauss Cannon's pickup sprite.
  • Fixed HUD message overlay for M33 sniper rifle.
  • Slot 3 on the UI now properly triggers when the LS57 is in your inventory while playing as Pointman.
  • ZI-63 girl plays the correct reload sounds.
  • Crossbow girl plays the correct reload sounds.
  • Arc Cannon's recharge sound no longer overlaps with the weapon's fire sound.
  • Fixed imp-class monsters not awakening in Consolation Prize: Doom 64 Retribution's final level.
  • Crossbow girl actually fires her explosive arrow in Hardcore difficulty and above.
  • UAC Elite should no longer be able to pick up the Prox Launcher.
  • Fixed Prox Launcher bombs blinking at incorrect intervals.
  • Homing missiles fired from the Pulver terminate their active sound upon collision.

News: 05/17/17

In my haste to release the last Doomzone update, I completely forgot to update the Doom Tribute patch for it. That's been uploaded.

News: 05/16/17

Finally, Doomzone has been updated to v1.6! This hefty update adds two new player classes to the mod, and introduces plenty of new weapons to splatter the demon hordes with.

-- General Changes --
  • Swapped the body/weapon drop sound effects for higher quality sounds.
  • Projectiles for the Hyperblaster, Laser Cannon, and Light Cyborgs now have trails.
  • Tremor effect has been added to explosives.
  • Tremor effect has been added to Suicide Bomber, Cyber Baron, and Cybruiser.
  • Added flight sound to Unmaker lasers.
  • Arc Rifle and Thunderbolt beams now cast light.
  • Split flashlight Decorate definitions into new lump, Declight.
  • M82 has a new firing sound.
  • StA-18 has a new firing sound.
  • StA-18 no longer reloads mid burst, if the player has less than three rounds left in a magazine.
  • Spider Mastermind hitbox reduced in size.
  • DSPISTOL has been replaced with a new sound, for navigating menus.
  • DSSHOTGN has been replaced for ZDoom marines.
  • Reworked tremors for Cyberdemon, Annihilator, Spider Mastermind, and Arachnophyte.
  • UAC Elite unarmed melee damage buffed +50%.
  • Survival class gains 50 HP from porta-medkits instead of 25.
  • Gunner class gains 50 armor from porta-armorkits instead of 25.
  • BERSERK ACS module merged into RECOVER ACS module.
  • StA-18/SE firing animation now has a smooth recoil animation, at the cost of 2 frames between shots.
  • LS13 cocking animation smoothed.
  • Reworked the RELOAD script so it wouldn't needlessly create a different variable for each weapon.
  • Updated StA-3 Stova's pickup sprite.
  • Simplified HGH See states.
  • Arc Cannon ammo pickups now give a 30% charge instead of a 100% charge.
  • Added zoom indicators to HUD for VC-32.
  • Added zoom indicators to HUD for M66.
  • Added zoom indicators to HUD for VC39.
  • Guardsphere powerup color changed to GreenMap.
  • Grenade animations have been sped up and smoothed.
  • Proximity mines now beep once per second while armed.
  • MP5 zombie has a new translation.
  • Boltgun bolts now leave rocket trails in flight.
  • Chaingunner now has his original red translation.
  • Light cyborg has been moved from sergeant spawn to trooper spawn.
  • Changed firing sounds for the LS13, VC-9, VC8, StA-5X, LSR44, and VC39.
  • Changed pickup sprite for the Gauss Cannon. (Credit: DimosHunter)
  • Changed M224-A3 muzzle flash behavior.
  • Gave ARM 17 MultiRocket Launcher its own unique sounds.
  • Changed ammo pickups for the StA-12 Inferno Shotgun pickup sound.
  • Increased illumination radius for flashlight.
-- Additions --
  • Bloody screen and heartbeat by CaptainManiac and BadMojo. Disabled in multiplayer.
  • Pulsing red screen when at critical HP, modified from CaptainManiac's code.
  • New M_DOOM logo, courtesy of Derrick Drysdale (dude, thanks a ton, seriously).
  • New player class: Pointman. Dual-weild pistols, snipe with burst fire rifles, and obliterate with repeating cannons! Gains 50 points from porta-kits instead of 25, resistant to bullet damage, and +50% melee damage, -10% movement speed.
  • New player class: Samurai. Slice and dice with a katana, dual weild SMGs, and send demons back to the pits with the Guardian Launcher! 20% resistance to melee attacks, infinite shurikens.
  • New weapon: AT-14 Rakow. Dual-weildable pistol for Pointman. (Sprites: OSJClatchford, Eriance, silentzorah (edit))
  • New weapon variant: LS57-P SMG. Variant of LS57, with higher fire rate and larger magazine. For Pointman.
  • New weapon: VK-12 Vollmer. Shotgun with detachable 12-round box magazine. For Pointman. (Sprites: unknown)
  • New weapon: AT-HV10 Penetrator. Fully automatic pneumatic nailgun, with low fire rate, high accuracy and damage. For Pointman. (Sprites: Eriance, Captain J)
  • New weapon: ASP Burst Rifle. Assault rifle with built-in 3x optics, high damage, and high accuracy. Locked to burst fire mode. For Pointman. (Sprites: Ninlhil, DoomNukem, Mike12, silentzorah (edit))
  • New weapon: Type 7 Particle Rifle. High damage semi-automatic rifle. For Pointman. (Sprites: Freedoom Team, zrrion the insect, silentzorah (color edit))
  • New weapon: MOD-3 Andra. High ROF burst fire rocket launcher. For Pointman.
  • New weapon: MP-50 Repeating Cannon. Rapid fire hitscan explosive cannon. For Pointman. (Sprites: Eriance)
  • New weapon: Nobitsura Kage. Slice and dice, drain enemy HP, toss shurikens, and fire sword bolts! For Samurai. (Sprites: osjclatchford, Mike12, Eriance, 3D Realms, GhostKillahZero)
  • New weapon: Shuriken. Throw spiky things, with infinite ammo! For Samurai. (Sprites: GhostKillahZero, silentzorah, 3D Realms)
  • New weapon: Type-17 Crossbow. Launches both steel-tipped and explosive tipped bolts. For Samurai. (Sprites: Rogue Entertainment, silentzorah (color edit))
  • New weapon: ZICS Riot Shotgun. High powered, high fire rate gatling shotgun, offset by a low ammo capacity and lightning fast reload speed. For Samurai. (Sprites: Mike12, 3D Realms)
  • New weapon: ZI-63 SMG. Dual-weildable SMG with selective fire. For Samurai. (Credit: Cage, Raziel236, silentzorah)
  • New weapon: Onibi Flamethrower. Selective fire flamethrower, fires both ignited propane and a napalm bomb. For Samurai. (Credit: Zrrion the Insect, Eriance)
  • New Weapon: Type-24 Yari. Magazine loaded rocket launcher, fires both dumbfire and lock-on missiles. For Samurai. (Credit: zrrion the insect, Eriance, silentzorah)
  • New Weapon: ZI-17 Guardian. Launches spreadfire missiles packed with incendiary grenades. For Samurai. (Credit: Eriance)
  • New Weapon: ZI-97 Mini-Nuke. Yup. It's literally a nuke. For Samurai. (Credit: Daniel (sprites, coding), 3D Realms, zrrion the insect)
  • New grenade: Sticky Bomb. Higher explosive yield than standard proximity mines.
  • New enemy: Rakow zombie. Basic recolored zombieman that drops a Rakow on death. Just shoot him, take his gun.
  • New enemy: Vollmer zombie. Does slightly more damage than Scattergunner, less damage than Shotgunner. Drops Vollmer shotgun. (Sprites: Taggart)
  • New enemy: Penetrator Commando. Drops Penetrator. (Sprites: Marty Kirra)
  • New enemy: ASP zombie. Fires in 3-round burst mode. Drops ASP. (Sprites: Marty Kirra)
  • New enemy: Particle rifle Z-Sec. Drops Particle Rifle.
  • New enemy: Andra zombie. Don't worry, he only fires one rocket instead of your three.
  • New enemy: Crossbow girl. Fires steel tipped bolts, but will use explosive bolts in Hardcore and above.
  • New enemy: Riot commando. Don't be fooled by his weapon - That thing is a shotgun! (Sprites: Marty Kirra)
  • New enemy: ZP-1 girl. Only weilds one SMG, pick her off for it.
  • New enemy: Onibi commando. Weilds a short range flamethrower, so stay back! (Sprites: Enjay)
  • New enemy: Yari commando. Carries the Yari rocket launcher, shoots seekers in Hardcore. (Sprites: Eriance, 3D Realms, ItsNatureToDie, neoworm, Captain Toenail, Xim, Ghastly_dragon, scalliano)
-- Bug Fixes --
  • Scattergunner now uses the correct sprite when reloading.
  • Shell insert sounds for the Shotgun and Scattergun are now played on channel 7, to not interfere with low health heartbeat.
  • Fixed issue with enemy grenade explosion animation.
  • Dark Cacodemon projectiles now correctly play the appropriate sound when colliding.
  • Fixed a game breaking bug that caused MAP07 Specials to fail to trigger on Necro difficulty.
  • Thunderbolt displays the correct frames when firing. (How did this go unnoticed for so long?)
  • Pulver now properly displays that its flashlight is set to "off" instead of unavailable when selecting the weapon.
  • Spider Mastermind no longer plays DSSHOTGN when firing.
  • Annihilator now has a proper delay between defeating it and ending E2M8.
  • Removed KEEPDEPLETED flag from Fists, which prevented Elite from receiving them in Doom Eater difficulty.
  • Combar Armor Set now gives the correct amount of suppressed sniper ammo.
  • Heavy Armor Set now gives the correct amount of sniper rifle ammo.
  • Sniper zombies now display the correct frames when reloading.
  • Removed A_KillMaster from Baron, Cyber Baron, Cybruiser, Mancubus, Behemoth, Arachnotron, and Arachnotank.
  • Adjusted some sprite offsets for the Pulver when firing a homing missile.
  • Improved responsiveness with the Railgun while scoped.
  • Improved responsiveness with the M66 while scoped.
  • Improved responsiveness with the VC-32 while scoped.
  • LMG marine's fire state now has the correct durations for each frame.
  • LMG marine actually reloads when she's supposed to.
  • Replaced a bunch of sounds from Enemy Territory: Quake Wars that sounded way too quiet under OpenAL. (RIP DSSHOTGF, 2012-2017)

Additionally, I have added a new patch that allows Doomzone to run with No End In Sight. Happy fragging!

News: 02/10/17

Doomzone has been updated to v1.5.3b. This is a very minor update that only adds screen bloodsplats to the mod (coding by CaptainManiac and BadMojo), a pulsing screen at low HP, and some minor bug fixes. You can pick up the update from the Doom Wads section.

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