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Update: 05/13/15

Doomzone has been updated to v1.4.1. This minor update includes a bug fix for the Heavy, causing his pawn to jump to an invalid state while underwater, as well as replacing some sounds for the StA-11/SE and VC1.

But on a larger note, XTerra1 has submitted a new update to QuakeStyle ZX! The update includes some sound changes and slight weapon rebalancing. Check it out in the Doom Wads section!

Update: 05/07/15

Doomzone v1.4 has been released! The new update includes four new weapons, a new player class (the Heavy), new casings by CaptainJ, and various non-specific bug fixes. The Thunderbolt has been rebalanced, taking up less primary ammo per shot and slightly more per secondary attack, and the original five classes - The Infantry, Gunner, Commander, Demolition, and Rifleman - are all able to carry an additional weapon in their arsenals. Infantry and Commander grab the StA-52, Gunner gets the LS13, Demolition grabs the StA-14, and the Rifleman gets a brand new weapon, the LSR44. Look for these toys in the field.

And while we're on the topic of new weapons, Slipgater can now obtain the Q-97 Railgun and the Q-105 Dark Matter Gun. With Heavy on the field now, expect to wield the M224-A3, a powerful HMG with an underslung rocket launcher.

Grab the update in the Doom Wads section. You'll need the latest development build of GZDoom or ZDoom to run Doomzone v1.4. Head to DRD Team to pick up the latest builds.

As a final note, Doomzone has never been compatible with Brutal Doom, nor will it ever be. Please refrain from asking me to support Brutal Doom. It will never happen. Ever. Thanks!

Progress Report: 04/03/15

I thought I'd take the time tonight (It's 11:22 at night, I haven't slept in three days, and I'm running on nothing but caffeine and chocolate) to announce that a major update to Doomzone is in the works. I know, I know. "This is gonna be the final update, you said, remember? The last version is gonna be the final one!"

Funny story, actually. Turns out, I can't stop working on it. And as CaptainJ continues to produce resources for it, such as new weapons and casings, I just can't resist.

Coming to the mod is a new player class, the Heavy. This beast of a man walks onto the battlefield with a heavy machinegun with an underslung rocket launcher. But that's not all - In addition to this theoretical slaughter map machine, four new weapons are slated for the mod, two of which are already complete - the HMG and the SLAR. What's a SLAR? It's a plasma powered sniper/light assault rifle, that's what. As for the other two? That's a S.E.C.R.E.T.! I will say, though, that the Slipgater is gonna get his grubby hands on them...

But wait, there's more! If you've felt like the first five classes felt a bit light on their arsenals, well, you're in luck. Each of them will be able to carry and use an additional weapon. While they may not be "new" (save for the SLAR), it should help alleviate any ammo starvation you may have experienced while playing as them.

Anyway, this update will bring the mod to version v1.4. Will it be the final update? Beats the heck outta me. Either way, hopefully, it will be "worth the weight."

Update: 01/31/15

Time for an update! Doomzone's been updated to v1.3.2. In addition to numerous bugfixes and brand new sounds by CaptainJ, burst fire and the pistol have been rebalanced.

Additionally, a new weapon for the Mercenary has hit the battlefield, the Inferno Shotgun! Packing more punch than the Shredder, this bad boy uses its own specialized dragon's breath rounds to set your enemies on fire. The Mercenary can now pick up the M82, and use rifle grenades with it.

You will need to update your GZDoom/ZDoom executable to run this update. The mod uses some new features that are only available in the newest betas. Grab the development builds here.

Have fun!

Update: 12/07/14

Update time! Doomzone has been updated to v1.3.1. While this update is minor in nature, it features a bugfix for those that play in Deathmatch mode. Players are now able to pickup and use both the suppressed and unsuppressed variants of each weapon, be it an assault rifle, SMG, or pistol. This holds true for weapons weilded by the Mercenary, which have different ammo pools. This fix applies to weapons dropped by other players upon death, not naturally spawning weapons in the map.

So if you were irritated that you picked up a weapon from a fresh kill that you thought you'd be able to use but couldn't, grab the update and have fun!

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