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News: 10/16/19

Zagemod has been updated to v1.3.6! Lots of bug fixes and optimization in this release.

News: 09/18/19

ThatBlindGuy has released Hot & Bothered v1.1.3! Lots of new sprites and sounds in this release, plus weapon alterations. Doom Wads section.

News: 08/31/19

XTerra has released QuakeStyle ZX v7.3! New update requires GZDoom v3.6 or later. You know where to grab it.

News: 08/26/19

Hot & Bothered v1.1.2 has landed! Grab the update from the Doom Wads section.

News: 08/12/19

Zagemod v1.3.5 has been released! This update fixes lots of bugs from the previous release, and heavily optimizes the gore code. Grab it from the Doom Wads section.

News: 07/17/19

MUSIC UPDATE!!!!11!1!112eleven!12

Sorry, hyperventilated for a second. Anyway. Six new songs for F-Zero X, EIGHT new songs for Project: Redux.

F-Zero X
  • Fall Down to the Scream (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED!)
  • Drivin' Through on Max (Redux)
  • Endless Challenge (Redux)
  • Crazy Call at Cry (v1.1)
  • Decide in the Eyes (Redux)
  • Climb Up! And Get The Last Chance
Project: Redux
  • Waltz of the Demons
  • Demons on the Prey (E2 version)
  • Untitled
  • Doom 64 Main Theme
  • I Sawed the Demons
  • Countdown to Death (MAP03 version)
  • Countdown to Death (MAP21 version)
  • Doom II Intermission

News: 06/28/19

Zagemod has been updated to v1.3.4! Lots of new options have become available, like forcing vanilla damage, enemy skins, and more! Also includes two new weapons: the Breach Shotgun and Accelerator Rifle!

News: 06/20/19

That Blind Guy has released a hotfix for Hot And Bothered, bringing its version up to v1.1.1. This release fixes a number of bugs reported by users. Grab the update if you've been having issues with the mod, chances are your problem is fixed.

News: 06/08/19

QuakeStyle ZX is updated to v7.2, and Hot & Bothered is updated to v1.1! Check out the changelogs below.

News: 05/22/19

Zagemod v1.3.3 is now live! Features three new weapons, two new compatibility patches, compatibility with Blue_Shadow's NC HUD, and more! Check out the changelog below.

Zagemod v1.3.3 Changelog

News: 05/13/19

If you're reading this update, it means I've moved web hosts, and the domain transfer was successful. Jack up my hosting rate by almost 300%? I don't think so.

News: 05/06/19

NEW RELEASE! That Blind Guy has released a new mod entitled Ratchet & Clank: Hot & Bothered! Go get it from the Doom Wads section, right now!

New updates for QuakeStyle ZX and Unbound, as well. ZX has been updated to v7.1, and Unbound has been updated to v1.3.1.

I've also moved all hosted mods to a subsection in Doom Wads under the heading of "Hosted Mods." This section is for mods that I host here, but haven't had much or any involvement with, aside from consultation. Figured it'd be easier to tell who did what, that way.

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