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Update: 07/16/14

I've got a real treat for everyone today. Basically, I got bored this morning and thought, you know what? After all these tests I've been running on Doom Gaiden, I could use some variety. So, I developed a patch for Doomzone that allows it to run on the Doom Gaiden mod. In order to accomodate the patch, Doomzone was updated to v1.2.1c, while Doom Gaiden was updated to v1.1.

Please note that these updates are entirely OPTIONAL. But in order to run the mods together, you'll need to get both updates. Then, download the patch file located at the bottom of the Doom Wads section. Keep in mind, though, that due to the random nature of Doomzone, it may add to the frustration-- err, challenge of running through Doom Gaiden. Still, if you could use the added layer of difficulty, give it a shot!

Update: 07/10/14

Since the release of Doom Gaiden, I've had to go back and fix a couple of texturing issues. Apologies, but every time I go back and fix something, my editor screws something else up. Additionally, I've had a beta tester leave me high and dry on the project, so I'm running through everything myself. Everything SHOULD be fixed now, but if you find something else that looks weird or just doesn't look right, please shoot me an email and I'll look at it.

Additionally, Doomzone has received a minor update, adding water wading sound effects and a new console font. Both updates are available in the Doom Wads section.

Again, I apologize for the issues.

Update: 07/04/14

It's finally ready! After four years of on-again-off-again development and repeated development hell cycles, Doom Gaiden - Insertion is now available for download. The mod features five maps (four main, one secret), new enemies and weapons, and a scaled difficulty system. If you've bested Hardcore, try it on Necro to really have your sh*t rocked.

Find it in the Doom Wads section. I'm happy to finally be able to present the project. Thanks to all that made this possible.

Report: 06/28/14

Just a quick check in to report some progress. The "Doom Gaiden" project is proceeding as planned. MAP03 - Waste Dump has been completed, and there is just one more map to complete before I release the first episode. The final map is already in development, and shouldn't take nearly as long to complete building as the other maps for the proejct.

I fully expect to have a release by the end of the year, although I'm really shooting for the end of the summer. In the meantime, here's a teaser of what you're in for.

See you next update!

Update: 06/01/14

With my current contract assignment complete, I figure it's time for an update. Got some new songs available in the MIDI section, including a new Originals section (not much there, but hey, it's still good), and some MIDI covers of the awesome Rise of the Triad remake.

Also, XTerra1 has sent in an update to QuakeStyle ZX, which adds a couple of new weapons, swaps out some old sprites for some new ones, and implements GLDefs for GZDoom users. Definitely worth checking out.

Work will soon be resuming on the Doom Gaiden mod, so I'm looking forward to making some progress on it.

Uhhh, that's it, I guess. Go get the stuff, you know what to do!

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